We know the fight against diabetes and heart disease is a challenging one. Remember you are never alone.

Our Partners

PHILIPPINE HEART ASSOCIATION (PHA) Established on March 26, 1952, the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) is one of the biggest and most successful subspecialty associations in the country. Since its founding, PHA has taken on the mantle to expand the medical community's knowledge of the field and to subsequently disseminate this knowledge and other concerns about heart diseases to the general public. It continues to undertake educational campaigns through various media and activities to promote public awareness on cardiovascular diseases. PHA is also committed to the continuing education of its members and the rest of the medical community through various lectures, symposia and conventions held here and abroad. Throughout its more than 5 decades of existence, the Association, through its members and accredited training institutions, has also conducted various original researches, enhancing our clinical knowledge of cardiovascular medicine.

INSTITUTE FOR STUDIES ON DIABETES FOUNDATION INC. (ISDF) is a research-driven institution that provides excellent and humane diabetes care. Founded in 1989, it aims to support healthcare professionals and patients by furthering the knowledge and skills that help make life much better for diabetes sufferers and protect high-risk individuals from the disease. ISDF provides an intensive course on diabetes from the basics up to the clinical with local and foreign experts delivering regular lectures and leading in workshops. The ISDF offers outpatient services and also inspires its faculty and students to immerse in clinical research activities.

ALLIANCE OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGISTS (ACE) [formerly American Association of Clinical Endocrinology or AACE] The AACE was founded in 1991 to serve as the active voice for clinical endocrinologists. At that time, clinical endocrinology had no input to the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), nor were clinical endocrinologists represented in the health policy-making bodies of most influential physician societies. To address this need, a steering committee of 26 clinical endocrinologists from across the United States of America accepted responsibility and dedicated a great deal of time and effort to creating AACE. Its name reflects the organization's emphasis on providing practicing clinical endocrinologists an avenue for the study of the scientific, social, political, and economic aspects of endocrinology consistent with maintaining the highest levels of patient care and standards of medical practice. As the AACE membership grew and a lot of international members have been invited, different chapters internationally were put up. On the night of the First Augusto D. Litonjua Professional Lecture in Endocrinology on March 11, 2005, Dr. Pauline Camacho, a Board of Director of AACE, who happened to be a recipient of the award, and Dr. Augusto Litonjua agreed to put up a Philippine Chapter.

DIABETES PHILIPPINES has been in existence for over 60 years. It aims to be the prime mover for excellent diabetes care and prevention in the Philippines -- to fulfill its vision of a diabetes-free Philippines. Diabetes Philippines continues to pursue its mission and vision through scientific meetings, workshops and participation in projects that are involved in the campaign towards increasing the awareness of the disease. It was founded to foster and support studies and researches on the prevention and care of diabetes mellitus, including cooperation with the government agencies to this effect; to collect, analyze, interpret, interchange and disseminate information about the disease in accordance with the latest findings, and to this end, to affiliate or establish relations with other diabetes institutions in other countries. It also aims to promote understanding of individuals living with diabetes to lead normal and useful lives.

PHILIPPINE COLLEGE OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, DIABETES AND METABOLISM (PCEDM) Started in the 1950s, the Philippine College of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism (PCEDM) is a sub-specialty society of the Philippine College of Physicians (a specialty component of the Philippine Medical Association), a founding member of the ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies, and a member of the International Society of Endocrinology. To date, it consists of about 284 board certified members that are involved in the treatment and management of diseases of the glands such as diabetes, thyroid, obesity and other hormone diseases. As a discipline, it is the only society that is recognized by PMA & PCP that accredits the training program for endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism. The Society is devoted to hormone research and clinical excellence in the practice of endocrinology at par to the global community. PCEDM is an organization of Filipino endocrinologists serving the Filipino patients.

PHILIPPINE ALLIANCE OF PATIENT ORGANIZATIONS (PAPO) The Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO) is a coalition of patient organizations advocating for universal access to health care and allied services for Filipino patients, including persons with disabilities (PWDs). PAPO aims to serve as a strong and active network of patient groups that will empower Filipino patients to advocate for their rights and become productive members of society. Its vision is to be a unifying body with one voice that supports and strengthens patients’ organizations. The Consumer-based Health Care Advocacy Project in the Philippines was the spark that ignited the creation of PAPO. Implemented from 2002 to 2007 by The Asia Foundation (TAF) with support from the Pfizer Foundation, the project enabled many patient groups and health NGOs to strengthen their organizational and fundraising capabilities, influence health policymaking through engagement with local- and national-level government representatives, and build their institutional capacity in volunteer management. In 2009, several patient groups held a roundtable discussion on “Improving Patient-Centered Health Care in the Philippines” and reached the consensus about the need to form a coalition of patient groups. Thus, the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations was born. The PAPO founding member-groups are Cerebral Palsied Association of the Philippines (CPAP), I Can Serve, Link Center for the Deaf, Philippine Children’s Association of Learning Disability (PCALD), and Kythe Foundation, Inc.

PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF DIABETES EDUCATORS (PADE) The Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators (PADE) is composed of doctors, nurses, nutritionist-dietician, and other paramedical groups involved in the care of patients with diabetes. The group holds annual conventions to update its members; celebrates World Diabetes Day, and Diabetes Awareness Week; conducts workshops on setting up diabetes clinics; and initiates programs in schools—all aimed at the prevention and control of diabetes. PADE aims to strengthen knowledge and education towards excellent diabetes care to fulfill its vision of an empowered nation against diabetes. PADE is committed to providing the best health-care service, explore and share new knowledge that may enable patients living with diabetes, high-risk individuals, and the general public to lead healthier lives.