Diabetes and your heart. You know about the connection – now it’s time to do something about it. Learn what you can do to help your sweetheart keep diabetes under control.  


Heart-to-heart with your loved one

Talk to your loved one about their increased risk for heart disease.


Be open and direct

It is not an easy conversation to have but understanding the risks of diabetes is a discussion that must take place. It is important for your loved one to understand that having diabetes puts them at four times the risk of developing heart disease.


Encourage a doctor’s visit

The sooner they understand the risk, the sooner they can talk to their healthcare provider to learn more about the link between diabetes and heart disease. Their doctor is also the best resource to talk to about managing their risks.


Arm them with information

Help them ask the right questions when visiting their doctor. Scroll down for a list of questions they can ask their doctor.



Heart-to-heart with your doctor

Scheduling an appointment with your doctor is an important first step in addressing the link between Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


Questions you can ask your doctor:




Know your risks

Diabetes is also linked to heart disease. Knowing your risk of heart disease can help you determine the next steps to take in reducing your risk of complications from both diseases so that you can live a healthier lifestyle. To know your risk, we recommend taking our ASCVD Risk Calculator: Framingham Score Test, a test that estimates a patient’s risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease within a 10-year time period of a person who is currently not yet diagnosed with a particular heart disease.



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